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Step 2.


Just like information-gathering, the planning step of website design is a critical part of launching a new website.

If you doubt the need to spend time in the planning phases of the website design process, think about any other non-web-related project you’ve ever done, whether personal or for business. 

Chances are if you start to build a new shed, for example, without first planning out how the process will be completed from beginning to end, your end result probably won’t end up standing up for very long.

Step 2.

Resources preparing for the post-launch.

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Discovery Phase

It’s impossible to complete a successful website design process without first knowing what the goals of the project are.

If the project is for your own website, take some time to write down researched information on:

  • The business or industry that your website will live in
  • Your target market and the details of who you customers are and will be
  • The ultimate aim and goal of building the website
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