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Who we are

We help to create strategies, design & development.

BSMedia [Blacksesne Media] is a digital services and consulting provider out of Lagos, Nigeria, and we’re here to help you thrive in a digital world.

A trusted partner of banking, retail, and healthcare organizations, we solve complex problems in digital ecosystems. Our expert software developers, UX designers, cloud strategists, automation engineers, and more can modernize, optimize, or completely transform your digital operations.

We’re known for speed, agility, and expertise. Speed for how we accelerate your project delivery and drive fast outcomes. Agility for how we adapt to your unique needs. Expertise for how our digital experts get spot-on results you can shout from the rooftops.

Many of our clients do just that.



We use a perfect balance of strategy, design, and technology to create digital products that offer real business and customer value.



We’ve been helping companies embrace their potential since 2012. We specialize in digital transformations for the fintech, healthcare, retail, hi-tech, and public sector industries.

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We get to know each client inside and out, from culture to code. Through a human-centric approach, Agile methodologies, and careful data consideration.

We use the perfect balance of technology and digital experience design to solve complex business problems.

Website & Mobile App Design

In a digital world, first impressions are vital and an outstanding web & mobile app design is the key to success. Users enjoy visiting sites that are aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Let our team help your site make an outstanding first impression with speed and accessibility.

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides an effective connection with your targeted audience and gives you the best return on investment. Reach out to your current and potential customers and keep them updated on your company’s latest deals and news.

User Experience


User experience considers the entire user journey, starting from the first interaction. We work iteratively, starting with rough sketches and ending in final, buildable design prototypes that let you explore and understand the entire user journey. By collaborating closely with our engineering teams, we make sure that what we design can be built.


Project by the numbers.

App Designs

Creating a full range UI/UX apps accross the whole platform.

API Integrations

API’s we’ve integrated on mobile and web development.

Markets Campaigns

Successful campaign we’ve carried out for companies.

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